Senior Care

Dr. Iannello began his career in sports therapy and continues to utilize those methods today. He primarily works with senior citizens whose main objective is to get back to being mobile and functional, compared to young athletes whose main focus is to finish their therapy sessions in order to get back into competition.

Dr. Iannello believes there is an importance factor at play when it comes to older Houston residents. Pinnacle Therapy isn’t simply about getting people back to competing; it’s about getting people back to living, and living well independently. At Pinnacle Therapy, there is no such thing as the status quo.

Our physical therapists know that our clients are typically on a slow or rapid decline after being in the hospital or sustaining an injury. We teach our clients to be proactive in their lifestyle so that they can overcome their injuries and setbacks. It doesn’t matter if a client is 30 or 90, the capacity to become stronger, more flexible and achieve improved balance is always attainable. The only difference for a client who is older is that it takes more time. As Dr. Iannello tells his clients, consistency is everything.