Coronavirus Information

Dear Pinnacle Therapy clients:

These last couple weeks feel like none other that I have ever experienced in my 18 years as a healthcare provider.  We continue to operate and will remain open to see patients under normal business hours. We are also monitoring the latest news about COVID-19 and have increased our  cleaning procedures per the CDC website to protect our patients that include:

  • Wiping down ALL hard surfaces in the office / clinic with bleach/water solution per CDC ratios daily & entrance handle into / exiting office every 30 minutes.
  • Having all clients & caregivers wash their hands with antibacterial soap in the office before session starts.
  • Having all clients & caregivers fill out a questionnaire before beginning each session regarding possible exposure or displaying symptoms.
  • All staff members washing their hands before and after treating each patient.
  • Changing pillowcases and using Citrus II disinfectant to wipe down tables before each patient is     brought back to the gym or treatment room. 
  • Disinfecting all exercises equipment immediately after use by staff or patients using a bleach/water solution per CDC ratios.
  • Disinfecting all devices held by a staff members hands immediately after use including ultrasound, electrical stimulation,  & laser using a bleach/water solution per CDC ratios.

We have increased the frequency of disinfecting any other objects that patients or staff members come in contact with including door handles, the handle to our front door, keyboards and mice, touch screens on electronic devices and any buttons on devices such as printers and our water dispenser.

In the meantime, we will continue to figure out how to support our patients to help them get better even if they are not in the clinic for treatment.  Over the next several days or weeks, our team will be working together to figure that out. During this time, we will be communicating with you on a frequent basis to let you know how we can support our patients that are still in pain and need our care.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary. Our patients, employees, and community will always remain our first priority.


All of us at Pinnacle Therapy



Make Your Retirement a Healthy One

Are you enjoying retirement? Our physical therapists are here to help you enjoy every moment independently. Pinnacle Therapy is a physical therapy clinic focused on providing personal care to every client in order to give them complete control of their life. Just because your work life has slowed doesn't mean you have to. In this new phase of your life, we're here to ensure you are always prepared to reach your next step.


Overcome Your Injury with Pinnacle Therapy

Regardless of your age or activity level, injuries are commonplace. Pinnacle Therapy is here to help you in your injury recovery. Through one-on-one personal training, group sessions, or our health-based wellness program, our therapy center is focused on providing personal care to get you back on your feet faster so you can begin enjoying life injury-free.



Solo-Step: No Falls. No Fear.

At Pinnacle Therapy, we have taken big steps to protect all of our clients during their physical therapy sessions. One of those steps is the Solo-Step, which gives every client the confidence they need to make the most out of every therapy session. The Solo-Step protects against falls even when the client losing their footing. Regardless of your physical condition, at our therapy clinic you will always be able to reach your next step.


The Solo-Step protects against falls for every client at Pinnacle Therapy. Clients who are struggling with their balance, have a new prosthetic, or must relearn how to walk again due to a stroke, illness, or accident. Regardless of the age or size of the client, the Solo-Step is designed to ensure no client falls so that they can conduct their rehab without any hesitation or fear.

Our Purpose

Pinnacle Therapy was founded in 2006 to provide a physical therapy center that focuses on putting clients back in control of their life. Our Houston therapy clinic based in the Galleria works with people of all ages, providing them with personal care to help get them back to full functionality and mobility on their own.

Pinnacle Therapy is a small, boutique style therapy clinic offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a wellness program that offers in-office services, as well as home health services. We also provide therapy sessions to local nursing homes and assisted living centers.

Treatment Programs

Pinnacle Therapy offers various treatment programs customized to fit your schedule and physical needs.


Personal Training

Wellness Program

Choose Pinnacle Therapy

If you or a loved one is in need of physical therapy, then contact us today or refer them to us. We will diligently work together with them so they can achieve their functionality and mobility again and return to living a healthy and independent life.