Personal Training/Wellness Program

The wellness program is an extension of our traditional physical therapy program. Our wellness program is a cash based medically managed program that is designed to help you reach your fitness goals. What this means is that your physical therapist will establish a comprehensive wellness plan of care that can be modified at your discretion. Our commitment is to KEEP you healthy and pain-free.

  • No doctor’s appointment or prescription needed
  • Cash based program; no insurance restrictions
  • Work one on one with a licensed therapist focused on YOUR individual needs
    • Not a personal trainer. Our licensed therapist know how to help you reach your goals while keeping you safe and injury free no matter what your limitations may be
  • Focus each session on what YOU want
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Balance
    • Fall prevention
    • Posture
  • Each session is one hour one on one and YOU decide how many days per week
    • $75.00 / session
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physical therapy Houston TX
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